Keep calm I’m on my way

For the last 18 months I have been touring with my one man show, ‘KEEP CALM I’M ONLY DIABETIC’. It has been an incredible adventure. The audience have been supportive and welcoming everywhere I have been. My show is the first show of its kind to look at life living with Type 1 diabetes. It has always been my aim to raise awareness about this health condition which is still misunderstood.

If you happen to think Type 1 diabetes is a disability, think again. My satirical one-man show follows my real-life story and the obstacles I have overcome to make my dreams come true. Yes there’s heartbreak and tears as some opportunities are cruelly closed off from me. But in a career that has spanned professional sport, music and show business this is a tale of laughter and joy. I share my journey to reach the top when the odds are stacked against me.

The feedback from critics and the audience has been amazing. It’s been an honour to share my story and I want to inspire and motivate others too.  The show isn’t just about life living with Type 1. I also look at mental health and depression. You should never go through these problems on your own, I will show that support and help is always out there.

The invitation to perform at the  prestigious Wells Theatre Festival came from the Artistic Director, Ros Johnson. I was thrilled to have the opportunity and I grabbed it. It is rare to get the chance to perform outside the big city, and I am looking forward to visiting Wells.

Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are subjects that a lot of people get confused about. To be able to spread the word and raise awareness about Type 1 means the world to me.  To add more people to the ‘Keep Calm’ family means it is a job well done. I want to put more positivity back into the world again.

I am lucky, I have received help from fellow actors Mark Lockyer and Amanda Harris to put my show together. Their support has been incredible. I want the audience to feel entertained and enjoy the show.

July 13th isn’t that far away. I am busy in rehearsals at the moment making sure everything is good to go. I will be ready to take the stage and make a name for myself in stunning Somerset. It will be great to perform at Wells Theatre Festival in The Little Theatre. The audience may be able to keep calm, but I will find that a bit more challenging!

Look forward to seeing you on 13th July at 2pm in Wells Little Theatre.
You can buy tickets for my show here