Performed by:

Daniel Morden (Story)

Sarah Moody (Cello)

Oliver Wilson-Dickson (Violin)

Following sold-out shows in London, Cardiff, Oxford and Ireland, STOLEN will travel to the South West and Wales during Spring 2018 and perform at Wells Theatre Festival. The Devil’s Violin have been described as “a scintillating combination of music, sound and story” (The Times).

STOLEN is an epic of psychological storytelling, a journey through a dreamlike land where you will encounter a king turned to stone, an old woman living in the claw of a giant cockerel and a glass man filled with wasps.

Daniel Morden’s haunting tale is interwoven with the hypnotic string accompaniment of Sarah Moody and Oliver Wilson-Dickson.

“A scintillating combination of music, sound and story”

The Times

“We hear stories within stories, like Chinese boxes, laced with tears and laughter. The paradox is that these magical tales are really our humdrum lives, wrapped in imagination and mystery.”

Remote Goat

Generously supported by the Arts Council England Lottery Fund and the Arts Council of Wales.

Watch the trailer for STOLEN here: